Cake International Excel London April 28, 2012

My first ever visit to a Cake International show.  I'll be honest, I both loved and hated it.  I was in heaven surrounded by so many beautiful cakes and everything you could ever want or need to make them.  But at the same time, I was not alone.  It was crowded!  And I hate crowds.  I guess it was at least good that I was on my own so I could squeeze my way through and see what I wanted at my own pace.  But enough moaning about the crowd.  I am glad I went and was truly inspired by some of the lovely works of art.  I think I have found my true calling.  I'm sure if you've looked at my blog you know I love to make sugar flowers.  After viewing some of the competition entries I really want to have a go at creating a sugar flower display that would be worthy of one of these competitions.  November maybe?  We'll see.....  Hope you enjoy the pics :)

This cake was from the Patchwork Cutters Display.    

A miniature sugarflower dispaly from edable arts.

Chocolate Flamingos.  Wouldn't this make an amazing wedding cake :)

Sugar Flower arrangements from the Renshaw booth

Umm, a little something about me, I collect frogs.  I don't know why I just love anything to do with them.  So naturally this little guy caught my attention.  So cute :)

Jubilee cake

 I love Royal Collars and Runouts.  

I also love this for a wedding cake idea.  I saw one similar before that had a dragon climbing the side of the castle.  

This takes some crazy patience.  

Loving the elegance and simplicity.  

A froggy wedding :)

What little boy wouldn't dream of having this for a Birthday Cake.  Will have to add this to my albumn of future cake ideas.  

 These tiny little displays just amazed me.  Such intricate designs. I'm definately going to give this a go.

The large sugar flower displays. I felt really at home looking at these.  I really want to create a beautiful display for one of these competitions. Can't believe that this one was only a bronze though.  I thought it was georgous!

An Isomalt display at the Cake Decorating Companies Stand.  Something else I would love to learn how to do.  

So simple and so cute.  A rice krispies cupcake.   Great idea for someone who doesn't like cake (I know it's shocking but they are out there). 

Photos from the PME Live competitions

A close up of one of the sugar roses.

Not sure this is my cup of tea, but definetly took some skill and imagination.  

My souvenirs from the show :)  

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