Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Handmade Fondant Rose

Attached is a short video on how I make a Fondant / Sugar Paste Rose by hand using no cutters or tools.

I am using Dr Oetker Regal Ice to make this Rose (because it is all I have in my cupboard at the moment). From my experience
it is harder to make flowers with the supermarket fondants. They are very soft and nice for covering a cake, but when it comes to making flowers it is easier if you have a stiffer paste. I recommend Wilton Ready to Roll Fondant for making flowers. It has a stiff consistency, not great for covering a cake but perfect for making flowers.

One of these days I'll figure out how to add text, etc to my video but until then here are some basic instructions to go along and guide you as to what I am doing.

1. Make sure the paste is not too dry. I add a bit of trex on my hands and work it into the paste until it is a bit more elastic.

2. Make a Cone. Here is a picture of one next to a decorating tip to give you an idea of the size and shape. Make sure the cone has a pointy end, not dull and round.

3. Make 3 round balls of paste, each about the size of a peanut M&M.

4. Flatten one ball of paste between a plastic sandwhich bag. Concentrate on the end of the petal making sure you get it as thin as possible. Don't worry about the end that will attach to the flower, it is ok (probably best) to leave it thick.

5. Wrap the first petal around the cone so that the cone is no longer visible. We don't want to see the cone at all, it is only there for structure purposes.

6. Flatten the second petal and attach to the cone, leave open at one end so that you can tuck the next layer into it. As you add petals make sure each petal / layer is the same height as the one before.

7. Flatten the third petal and attach to the cone, tucking into the second petal. As you tuck in petal 3 bring petal 2 around and attach it. Then bring petal 3 around and attach.

8. Curl your petals to give them a natural look. I did this by hand in this video, but you may find it helpful to use a cocktail stick to curl the petals.

9. Roll the base of the flower between your fingers to start the shape of your rose, but do not remove the excess paste yet.

10. Make 5 more Peanut M&M size balls of paste. Repeat as above for this layer. Make sure to curl your petals and roll the base before adding the next layer .

11. Make 7 more Peanut M&M size balls of paste. Repeat steps to attach to flower. Curl your petals. I try to bend mine into a V shape to give them a natural look.

12. Roll the base and remove the excess paste.



  1. This is a great tutorial and a great idea!! The rose looks beautiful! Could this technique be used with gumpaste as well? Would there be any changes to the process? Thanks.

    1. The only time I use Gumpaste is if I'm doing wired flowers. I personally normally use the cutters with Gumpaste but essentially they answer to your question is yes I don't see why you couldn't do it this way. You would need to roll and form one petal at a time to keep the paste from drying out. If you where going to use a wire you would need to make the cone and let it dry overnight before adding the petals so that it does not fall off the wire.