Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Baking a Message or Picture inside a Cake

To bake a cake with an image inside first you will need to bake a slab of cake to cut out the images.  Make it pretty thin.  I've used a large baking sheet for mine.

You will also need a silicone pan 3 inches deep and some kabob skewers cut to fit tightly inside the pan.

For my cake I decided to try baking a word inside so I've used letter cookie cutters.  A note about the letter cookie cutters, all the ones I could find where slightly too thin for the Kabob skewers (more on this in a minute) so I used them as a template and cut the letters out freehand to make them slightly thicker.  You need to cut enough to fill the entire skewer, mine took 12 cutouts per letter.

 Place skewers through the cutouts.

 Spread the cake batter into the pan then place the kabob skewers carefully in place on top of the batter.

Here I forgot to take a picture but you will want to cover the cutouts with the remaining batter.  Make sure they are completely covered, then bake until done.  It may take longer than usual for your cake to bake.  Mine took nearly 1 1/2 hours before it was done.

Don't forget to remove the skewers :)

When finished you will have a cake with an image inside when cut.

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