Thursday, 12 December 2013

Smilings my favourite.... and other Elf goodies

Thanksgiving is sort of a sore subject in my house.  It's one of my FAVOURITE Holidays.  I have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving with my Family in the States.  But I've lived in the UK for 9 years now and, lets face it, no one understands it here.  Which is understandable.  I mean until I lived here I never knew the joy of Fireworks Day and had never heard of Easter Monday.  An extra day off in the Spring, thank you very much.  But I still can't fight the little bit of sadness every year as Thanksgiving rolls around and I see all of my Friends and Family getting ready to celebrate.  

I have tried over the years to incorporate a little festive cheer into my household so that the day doesn't pass unnoticed.  We had a Roast Dinner, baked some cookies with the kids, decorated the Christmas Tree and watch a favourite Holiday movie.  This year I choose Elf.  I remember the first time I saw it, my little niece wanted to sleep over at my flat so we went to Blockbuster and I let her choose a movie. I could have never anticipated the pure joy and laughter that movie would bring to our evening.  It has remained one of my all time favorites.  So this year we curled up to watch Elf on Thanksgiving night.  

It was my Daughters school Christmas Fete the following weekend and her class was sponsoring the baking stall so I decided to make some Elf inspired Cupcakes.  I found this amazing little tutorial by Victorious Cupcakes with step by step instructions.  I love that even though I followed the same steps for each cupcake, the subtle differences gave each Elf his own little personality and character.  They where a hit at the fete and so easy to do.  If you fancy having a go you can find the tutorial here.


Elf funniest moments :)

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