Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rainbow Cake

If you live anywhere near London, no doubt you understand the inspiration for this post.  It has been raining, it feels like, nonstop since April.  As I sat this weekend watching my son look longingly out the backdoor to the garden and cry every time someone comes in from outside, desperate to get out of the house and play, I felt it was time for a little pick me up.  So I decided to make a cake with a bright, cheery surprise in the middle, a Rainbow Cake.

I really wanted my Rainbow Cake to look like a Rainbow.  To do this I started with a basic vanilla sponge cake.  (Note, whichever cake recipe you choose, make sure it is one with a realitively thick batter so your colours won't run together).  I seperated and coloured the batter as follows.

6oz batter coloured Red
5oz batter coloured Orange
4oz batter coloured Yellow
3oz batter coloured Green
2oz batter coloured Blue
1oz batter coloured Violet
1oz batter uncoloured

The remaining batter I poured into the prepared loaf tin first making sure to coat the pan evenly.

Then I poured the coloured batter into individual sandwhich bags.

I snipped the tips of the bags to pipe the colours into the pan as shown here, begining with red.

Then popped it into the oven at 160C for 35 minutes and Viola!

A bright, cheery Rainbow:)

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