Friday, 13 July 2012

Pirates and Princesses for a Preschool Party

It seems like just yesterday I was signing my little girl up to Pre-School.  She was 2 1/2 and to be honest I hadn't even considered that she might be ready for pre-school until a cousin mentioned to me that the deadline for registering her for the Council Pre-school program was just past.  Then I thought about it and realized she was such a bright energetic girl, pre-school might just be the best thing for her.  

So I started visiting the private Pre-Schools around our area and was lucky to find one I felt was a perfect fit for her.  They had a large Garden area and I could just picture her playing outdoors with the other children in her element.  I remember the first day driving her there I was nervous about leaving her, she sneezed in the car and we had a major snot attack, LOL.  I had to pull over to help her and pull myself together.  But she was fine.  Always the confident and social one.  I don't know how I've been blessed with such a child and so different from myself.  And her experience in Pre-School has helped her to grow and be even more confident and independant.  

Now I find myself the parent of a child about to start Reception.  How has the time gone so fast?  I took her yesterday to the Open day at her new school.  She played with the other children in the playground.  She found a tub of animals and picked out all the Elephants to make a Elephant family.  She wanted another child to play with her with the Elephants so she ventured over to a group of girls and I watched in the distance as she chatted to them and pointed back towards her Elephant family then started showing off her new shoes, a pair of Skechers Twinkle Toes her Dad bought for her last week.  I stood in awe of her and the beautiful person she is becoming.  

After the Open Day we went to her end of year Pre-School Party.  I think the Bouncy Castle was the hit of the party.  And it was something akin to a miracle that it did not rain for once this summer.  They had a beautiful time outside all afternoon and she enjoyed her time with her friends.

And of course I made cupcakes to celebrate the day.  Pirates and Princesses.  

My Little Princess at her Party

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